Exploring the uncomfortable question of leather

Nowadays the world of fashion is full of such luxury materials as fur and leather. There is no doubt that the majority of people all over the world things it is immoral and unethical to buy any clothes or shoes produced of fur and leather. Moreover, during the last decades there have been held a lot of manifestations against animal cruelty, activists have published dozens of anti-fur and leather articles in order to encourage people to get rid of an illness to buy and wear fur and leather goods. As a matter of fact, a great number of people can easily survive without fur and leather, as they presume that these materials are absolutely unnecessary. Moreover, it is not too difficult to give up something that is not a vital part of your existence.

If comparing to leather, fur goods are nowadays known as disgusting fashion items, and there is not a big deal for anyone to refuse it. Unfortunately, the same cannot be done with leather, as it is everywhere, and it is the main textile material for a lot of different stuff, e.g. shoes, clothes, wallets, belts, car interiors, etc.

It has always been considered that leather is a byproduct of the meat industry. However, this belief is rather false than true. It will be more truthful to say that meat is a byproduct of the leather industry that exists as a separate entity and has no connection to the meat industry. Due to the fact that a lot of items are made of leather, animals are killed not for meat, but skin that is aimed to be used in the leather industry. Other facts that prove different purposes of meat and leather industries are the conditions they both work under and technologies they use.

People who eat meat consider it absolutely acceptable, so they think the same about leather goods. And, let’s be realistic, only few of them can give up both meat and leather items. Thus, the fur industry has been successfully conquered, and it is no longer a popular material on the collection of famous designers. Unfortunately, it has not happened with leather yet, and taking into consideration its vogue in the world of fashion, most likely it will still be one of the most popular textile materials in the future.

One response to “Exploring the uncomfortable question of leather

  1. I don’t think fur is necessarily more evil or less moral than leather. They are both animal skins. Further more, I actually don’t think cotton or linen is more environmental friendly. If we take the energy and pesticide and deforstation into consideration, nothing is green. It is all about the images people project on the materials. I have experienced numerous cases when my clients came to me, requesting “organic cotton” for in their head, it has a softer touch and “a nature look”. Yet, in reality, when I showed them the sample of organic cotton and some treated polyester, they always thought polyester fabric is organic cotton.
    The names of materials are just a label and people have an image of what they are without knowing what they really are.
    I remember attending a lecture at parsons given by a leather association to promote italian leather and the first thing the speaker said was that leather is a by product of the meat industry so there is no moral issues. To me even if they are, there is still not a moral issue.
    As we can see in this video in the last 10 minutes

    There are cattle bred just for their skins, and the a baby cattle has to be skinned within 1 hour after birth. so are some vegetables.
    Are people against use of some animal more than the others because they look cuter?

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