Fashion Ruleless


Eckhaus latta

This week’s lecture is an interesting one, and very inspiring.
In the lecture, they talked their personal experiences and previous  collections from 2012 to 2015 that they have been worked on. They were both studying fine arts in the college. And it is quite obviously to see from their work.

I really admire the way how they think abut fashion. Feels like standing outside the box , and the angle of thinking fashion also very surprised.

They did very great presentation, But somehow I feel the presentation is more stronger than clothes themselves. And the textile part was not really clear to show up. But I quite like recently seasons compared with older one, it is somehow can tell they grow up step by step and probably will do better and better in the future. Very exciting.

In the recitation, we discussed the morning excised Video. It is a video about a group of old ladies, they speaking cantonese , doing morning excise, the video was been shoot in a documentary way. They were all wearing Latta ‘s cloth to do morning excise.

When this video just showed up, it is kind of confusing people, and thinking why they are shooting this? What’s for?

For me I think they probably didn’t think that much. Maybe it is very cool things that old ladies their labels clothes to do morning excise. For artist of they just do whatever they want. Sometine probably don’t need to think that much then just to do it.

I really like the catwalk show in Berlin’s car park. The catwalk show was not like the other normal fancy catwalk shows. No light, no dressing up audiences, those models just walking out in this very normal we pass by  everyday ‘s car park. And those cars and workers were been part of the show,
It is kinds of remind me some big labels fashion show, they make the stage like the real scene. Like seating in a theater to watch a show. But when this performs happen in real life, it still shows the garments beauty in different ways.



One response to “Fashion Ruleless

  1. Thank-you for your commentary, Zishan. I enjoyed reading you speak about free creation separate from critical thought processes. You mention: “I really admire the way how they think abut fashion. Feels like standing outside the box , and the angle of thinking fashion also very surprised.” What box/ideals are you referring to? I wondered because I was thinking about how EL transgresses fashion boundaries. Because many in the audience were confused about what they stood for/represented, I would be interested in knowing what you felt they transgressed.

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