It was interesting to attend Faustine Steinmetz’s lecture for me. Particularly because I got to hear her talk about the specific branding challenges with her product, from both business and creative sides1-Faustine-Steinmetz-jacket

I feel what makes her branding strategy interesting is the way it tries to overcome the particular issues her hand-crafted pieces face in existing fashion industry.

Regarding the concept of jeans, which is the core concept of her brand – I feel jeans is the most universal piece of apparel and it’s one of the most mass produced items in the world.

Steinmetz take this item and create it in the most inefficient way in terms of labor and time. Hand weaving. Interesting enough, this idea of reinventing the look of the jeans through such labor-intensive process produce attractive affect.

In the case when creation is as time consuming as for Steinmetz, naturally it poses a challenge for running business. Especially in the context  of the fashion industry, which seems to put high value on speed of ideas and product turn around.

As an effort to battle these challenges, Steinmetz told about her urge to educate her consumer, customers and buyers. This showed her commitment to delivering a quality product responsibly to society. In this comment I felt some encouragement for doing something one believes in.

One response to “Educating…

  1. Faustine Steinmetz’s transparency was truly appreciated. They were open and honest about the pitfalls and difficulties of being a designer. Their willingness to stand on a strong foundation of integrity comes with accepting the reality of slow growth. They are realistic to their circumstances and are fueled by passion for creativity over money. That is a principal often neglected in US fashion system in particular, where the main concern is merchandising over creative identity. It will be interesting to watch how Faustine’s brand evolves in the next couple of years. Not a simple task however the tremendous social capital stemming from their affiliation to the LVMH prize puts them in a very fortunate position many designers could only dream of. Winning the prize will grant them access to experienced professionals who might be able to guide their brands growth strategically without destroying their integrity and essence.

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