The Ideal and the Real

The week speaker, Faustine Steinmetz, reminded me other emerging designers who talked in our class as guest speakers. And, I could not stop thinking about ‘how does they survive in fashion world?’ Specifically, so many designers jump into the fashion industry to show their philosophy to the world. However, it is not easy to have successful business even though they have great tastes or talents. This is because the differences between the ideal and the real. I am glad to have Faustine Steinmetz as a guest speaker because they talked about their unique design philosophies also heard about their business aspects.

Faustine Steinmetz produces high quality garments like haute couture quality of clothes that is different from other emerging designers who we met in the class. Furthermore, they provide a unique experience to their costumers by putting numbers on the garment to show the process of the garment making. It is not only provides pleasure to the customers but also a great chance to show the designer’s philosophy.

However, I was surprised that they do not have special promotion or advertisement tool to inform their brand. Even though they realized the power of social networking by putting two photos on their Facebook page. Everyone knows social networking is a great promotion tool to branding because it is cheap and easy, but the designer’s business partner does not have a plan to use it to advertise the brand. As a person who cares about money for business, I am still do not understand him. I think they are enough unique aspects to promote them as a brand that providing haute couture quality garment but also having practical design. Surviving in fashion industry is not an easy, especially if the brand does not commercial design or does not have public relations because it is too competitive. Faustine Steinmetz said they are happy to make clothes to show their philosophy instead of chasing money, but also they said they should think about money to do their business. I still do not know what is right and wrong between chasing the ideal world or following the real world.

One response to “The Ideal and the Real

  1. Thanks for writing Julia, you have presented a question similar to my own as well. How do designers wrestle with the tensions between the market demands and the integrity of their work? How do you survive while trying to make a statement if that statement is not particularly marketable yet in the current industry? This very tension poses a problem not only for designers, but I believe for researchers such as ourselves. How do we criticize and critique an industry in which we participate both personally and professionally while also surviving within the industry?

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