Special and Unique


This week, Faustine Steinmentz really give a good lecture and represent the new design brand. Small and craft, unique and strong.

She mentioned many interested points. Which impressed me a lot is, as a young designer brand, how to exist and let other people to buy your clothes. You have to be special and unique, they cannot buy a same one in another place. If your design is hard to copy that will be much better.

Think about it,  If one just want to buy a basic black T-shirt, why not buy a big brand like Calvin Klein or some else, instead of buying a young small designer brand, at almost same price?  This really points out a confused point of small young designer brand. How to exist? If our clothes are too weird and special, that means not too many people will wear them. If our clothes are too normal, people cannot recognized the brand, also, like I mentioned before, they can choose some other big brands to buy a similar price even better quality clothes! Why not?  Why buy your clothes? To find a balance between this is very hard.

I think Faustine Steinmentz really find a good way, well, still in the beginning, we will see.  Their clothes are hard to copy, and hard to produce, the couture denim. Because of the fabric, all made by hand and in a craft traditional way. I have seen their clothes recently in Opening Ceremony. the textile is very craft but also good. It is denim, the most popular thing among the clothes. And she chooses denim as the craft, this really make well. The shape is almost basic, I think they are easy to wear. You can wear them in many occasions and still keep special as the same time. Very good! You do not need to worry about if I wear some costume on the road or if I am too much. The urgent thing to worry maybe is the production. If they do not care this. Because many designer brands do not want to expand too much and planted their stores everywhere. They just want to keep special and you can only buy them in some specific places.

The money is another question, but it depends on the designer, Do you need to get money back as soon as possible? And to keep the good quality of your design, to make sure they are good. She pointed about doing one great piece better than have a look but not each piece all good. I really agree with this. To do one thing really well is better than everything a little bit.

2 responses to “Special and Unique

  1. You make some very thoughtful points, Queenie. What you mention about the tension between clothes that are too outlandish and clothes that fade to the background represent the social tension described by George Simmel: people want to both stand out and fit in. Some sort of moderation – whether achieved by mixing together outlandish pieces with more neutral ones, or creating an outfit that is balanced in some way – is often achieved in the way people style themselves.

  2. I absolutely agree that Faustine Steinmetz gave an amazing lecture with very useful pointers for young designers like us. I think you made a great extension on Steinmetz’s point there that as emerging designers it is important to find your own voice because yes, who would buy your basic t-shirt if they had been wearing Calvin Klein for years?

    I, too have experience Steinmetz’s garments in Opening Ceremony and really admire the way she gives transparency to her consumer through her garment tag. The production process becomes something that her consumers can use to have personal interaction with the brand and build their own memories. From placing the maker’s name on the tag and the date, the value of the piece is immediately heightened. It shows the new idea of slowness in fashion, one that we have been talking about so much and also really makes you rethink the process of making a garment and who is making it. This kind of stamp and acknowledgement would never be possible in fast fashion but it does not mean the people that are in the factories matter any less (this again begs for more conversations about fast fashion production and what needs to change)

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