couture time on fabric

Faustine Steinmetz

This week’s lecture is a great one.


She has been talked about her experiences. Some points she said really making us laughing ,but it is quite true. Like she said she almost didn’t learn anything from her internship. When knowing everything,like a bit pattern cutting, a bit knitting, a bit print, but not one of them is really good. Not one of them can be best. As a designer or a design student it is quite easy to be like this.
I  felt very enjoyable to hear her experience. And in the end I felt quite encourage to do whatever you want to do.
And her exhibition also quite enpress me, the way how she think about catwalk show is quite true. Catwalk show passed very fast, like few minutes, the model walked pass by you, when haven’t quite see clearly and the model already gone, well then people stand up wuwuwu clapping. She said when people do a catwalk show the audience really hard to get a nice picture. The models walking so fast. The light is bad…
I really like she pointed out about doing one great piece better than have a look but not each piece all good.
Like customers just buying for one piece. Taking more care on one piece, and just showing one piece. I really like the way she showed garments in her exhibition. Very subtle also a bit fun. Slightly joking, fashion is not a serious thing.
Do you will spend like nine hundred dollars for a pairs of jeans? If you are not have a sugar daddy.
But from the designer’s point, as F said , she spend a whole week to make a piece of fabric. And she mentioned there is a bag she spend three weeks to make it. She has already spend couture time on making a piece of fabric. How you think what price that a piece of work will be?

I love her sustainability point is buying a pair of great jeans wearing three or four years instead of consuming a brunch of fast fashion.

One response to “couture time on fabric

  1. I really enjoyed the talk by Faustine as well. Her whole approach seemed to be in some way to take things slow, which is not a very common thing in the fashion world these days. As you touched on in this blog post, she uses a long time making each piece, every garment is handmade. The techniques she uses make her garments very unique and almost impossible to copy or reproduce. Her fashion shows are not a fast runway show where you do not see the details but rather a slow presentation where the viewer can focus on each piece. She is breaking many of the “rules” that this system has created and still have a business that can sustain itself.
    I found her very encouraging as well because she made it seem possible to decide a different way to approach the fashion system and change the way we produce clothing.

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