Why designer need to think deeply?

Siki is a designer with a strong statement. I know his work because he always make a triangle pocket in the garment.

I really like his research progress, it is very academic and with a deep thinking. Usually, the research progress is visual, since fashion is visual, but I think he found a way to apply the academic theory into visual way. This is rather thought-provoking, to connect the philosophy into the progress of making garments.

Fashion is very shallow, it is about things are superficial, according to a general understanding of fashion . So why designer like Siki need to think in such a deep way to develop a collection while most of the buyers do not care at all? In my opinion, as fashion has developed for such a long time, the beauty is not enough for fashion,  the thought behind the work make the garments more convincing.  It gives the soul of the garment. This might sounds too serious, after all, it is just a garment.

However, I believe the great designer has to be a philosopher in certain way, same thing for the artist. There is no rule for design and art, thus it is no way to say one is better than other one. Thus if there is no strong concept behind the garment, it is going to be simply a fabric sewed together.

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