depth of fashion

Past lecture with Siki Im helped me a lot to understand my concerns with Telfar talk and our discussions on recitation the week before. It helped me to form what I was trying to deliver through in the class and what my view of fashion is.

What is the difference between the cloth and fashion. Siki Im showed a great example of what is fashion must be as I see it. It is an art that express itself through the cloth. It involves thinking, discovery, knowledge, questions and answers. It is about analyzing what surrounds you its about bringing some education to the world. Fashion it is not just the cloth it is the message, the thinking process behind it, of course the cloth is there, but it is not enough, the same way not every drawing is an art. Clothes is simply a language through which art of fashion is blossoms. For that reason I do not agree with what Teflar said : “Fashion is everything we wear”, we wear clothes, why do you need to call it ‘fashion’. Fashion as I know it is much more deep.

Moreover Siki Im showed that you don’t need special fashion education but it is an education of an artist, a thinking and seeking mind that is what is a necessity that have got to be there for every artist and a creator no matter of the field. it is about educating yourself everyday

And that mind is what you can clearly see through his cloth, it is not necessarily have to be your style and something you will want to purchase, but you definitely can appreciate it. the intelligence just comes through every part of it, his personality, his thinking process and his work. The real thing will always stay and be known, because everybody can see it, it just blossoms.

One response to “depth of fashion

  1. I am so glad that Siki’s lecture gave you more perspective on the definition of fashion. I think you have formulated some very coherent and touching ideas – ideas that are hard to articulate because they describe how one feels about masterful/beautiful/exceptional clothing, they just “blossom.”

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