Tailor and Thinker.


There is no doubt that, Siki Im is both a tailor and a thinker.

In Deleuze’s theory on folds, folds are formed by folding body and mind. He told us fold isn’t just a simple interlacing, but can develop depending on its function and meaning in condition so that it can form new coupling and create new relations. The idea of folds includes the perception of ability, infinite varying ability, hallucination ability, chanciness principle, mutual similar attribute with its condition and its implied vigor thought, have the important influence on some creative designers, like Siki Im. His thinking about inside and outside, solid and void, private and public, somehow reminds me of the inseparable relationship between the interior and exterior of folds.

In the folds theory, everything is related, interchangeable, and some times also influencing each other. As a fashion designer with architecture background, Im has more knowledge and interests in the exploration into space. He has a deep thought on how spaces interact with one another, the movement, and how people inhabit the space or use it. He doesn’t just design clothes and other objects, but, actually a concept and spiritual education more than a physical object. His collections are more like narratives, sometimes autobiographical, personal, and laden with modern metaphors. For example the SS 2015 collection named Human and Machine, The narratives was mixed and complicated, including William Gibson, Jean Baudrillard and Disney’s WALL-E. Im’s narrative set up a powerful metaphor: that advanced robotic technology could be transmuted into an immensely humanistic expression. Im is breaking down our stagnant ideas on futurist dress and imbuing them with a truth and a reality that is so breathtakingly gorgeous. Perhaps more than a thinker and storyteller, Im is a poet.

These philosophical concepts may seem unrelated to clothing, but to Siki, just as architecture is not about buildings, fashion is not about clothes — it just so happens to be his chosen medium and language to speak with people.  Fittingly, Siki does not consider his studio to be just a fashion studio.  He continues to make graphics, furniture, and music.

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